Bellaire Cultural Arts Board

The Cultural Arts Board (CAB) is very involved in all City events. All City events can be found by visiting the City's calendar below. If you wish to speak to the CAB, public comments are received at the beginning of every meeting. The purpose of the CAB is to advise City Council in regards to public art, including visual and performing arts, and related programming in the City. To learn more about the duties and powers of the board click here

For Art Webpage

The CAB meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at 7008 S. Rice Avenue in the City Hall Conference Room. These meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to come visit us. You will find a link to to the CAB's Art Registry where the board invites interested Bellaire, Texas cultural and visual artists to submit qualifications. The registry will be used as a resource for reviewing qualifications when selecting artists to be considered for future public art and entertainment projects. 

Art Board Members:
Terry Leavitt-Chavez - Chair

Andy Williamson - Secretary
Sneha Bhavsar - Assistant Secretary
Shampa Mukerji - Member
Jeanne Parker - Member
Jacquelyn Quick - Member
Diane Roberts - Member

Art Board Liasons:
Council - Michael Fife
Staff - Diane K. White

Contact the Art Board by emailing Diane White

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