Streets & Drainage

About The Projects:

General Fund Projects (Cash)

Decorative Standard for Major Streets -$ 75,000- This project will look to combine goals of better street lighting, additional trail lighting, use of LED lighting options, and a decorative standard for major streets throughout the City. The initial project will focus on Newcastle St. Future phases may focus on other major streets and high-traffic areas. A different decorative standard for lower-traffic/residential streets may be chosen to follow this project with common design considerations in mind. An element of customization will be explored to potentially tie in with other City projects.  This project is in collaboration with CenterPoint Energy.  

Community Pathways Master Plan - $75,000 -City-Wide Pathways Master Plan to coordinate with the City's nodes and parks as well as surrounding pedestrian and bike systems.  

Flood Plain Hazard Mitigation Plan - $50,000- The existing Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan will be revised to update the flood risks and identify mitigation efforts.  This plan would identify possible future projects to reduce flood risks.   

Bond Funded 
Rebuild Bellaire Phase 5B - 2005 Bond Program

Bonds for Better Bellaire 2016 - Proposition 1 - Streets, Drainage & Sidewalks