Youth Classes


If your children have ever had an interest in trying to learn a martial art, Bellaire has just the program for you! Our classes cover all instruction in the art, sport and self-defense areas of Karate and are taught in a supportive, family-oriented and confidence-building environment. Click the link for more information.

Simply the Best Sewing for Kids

This beginner sewing class will build sewing skills with the step-by-step assistance from the instructor. Learn how to cut properly and sew from simple and easy patterns and learn sewing terms. The class is equipped with sewing machines or you may bring your sewing machine to class. Click the link for more information.

Spanish Stars

Spanish Stars is a 45-minute multi-sensory language immersion program that is designed for children ages 18 months to 5 years. Research shows that it is easier to learn vocabulary if the brain connects a given word with different sensory perceptions. Learning methods that involve several senses, and in particular those that use gestures, are superior to those based only on listening or reading. Spanish Stars ties together all of the elements of a particular subject by incorporating all five senses into each class.