FY 2016 Pavement Management Project

About The Project:

The City of Bellaire’s Pavement Management Program is geared toward improving the overall quality of the roadway systems by repairing pavement failures and distresses.  The City’s goal is to bring the streets maintained by the City up to an acceptable level of service and keep them there through an aggressive and comprehensive maintenance program. The Pavement Management Program is an ongoing effort and includes a new project every fiscal year.

The streets for the Fiscal Year 2016 Project have been selected based on overall condition noted during the Street Condition Assessment of all the streets maintained by the City of Bellaire. 

Street Repair List:
  • 4600 Block of Birch Street
  • 5100 Block of Braeburn Drive
  • 500 Block of Cascade Drive
  • 6300-7000 Blocks of First Street
  • 5200-5300 Blocks of Grand Lake Street
  • 4500 Block of Holt Street
  • 900 Block of Lennette Court
  • 5100 Block of Linden Street
  • 4900-5000 Blocks of Maple Street
  • 100-400 Blocks of Mulberry Lane
  • 5100 Block of Valerie Street
Sidewalk Repair List:
  • 5100 Block of Locust Street
  • 4600 Block of Holly Street
  • 4400 Block of Ione Street
  • 5100-5200 Blocks of Palmetto Street
  • 5200 Block of Woodlawn Place
Engineer: ARKK Engineers
Engineering Cost: $285,000
The engineering contract was awarded by Council on November 2, 2015 to ARKK Engineers.

This project is currently under design.

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