May 30, 2017

* Offense Type:  Suspicious Person            
* Issued:  May 31, 2017

* Forwarded To:  All, Public Release

* Issued By:  Officer Andrade– Public Release Edit – CRO Edwards 

* Offense Date:  May 30, 2017

* Location:  48xx Spruce



  On May 30th at around 1138 hours, a resident was returning home and observed two males in front of his house.  The resident decided to drive around the block instead of pulling into his driveway.  The resident then observed the same two males looking over the rear fence of his property, into the backyard. 

The men appeared to notice the security cameras on the house, and walked to a car parked on a nearby street, leaving the area. 

The vehicle is described as a light colored 4 door vehicle (possibly an Impala). 

Male #1 – Black male, thin build, early 20’s, 5’9”, wearing tan shorts (baggy), and a black shirt. 

Male #2 – Black male, thin build, early 20’s, 5’9”, wearing off-white shorts (baggy), and a print shirt.



In this case, the resident was observant and did not return home to confront, or alert, the males, and possibly become a victim.  The Bellaire Police Department encourages the public to be aware of their surroundings and always report suspicious activity.  Officers can determine if the person on your property has a right to be there (meter reader, etc...), or is trespassing.   

Non-emergency – 713.668.0487

Emergency -911