July 1, 2017

* Offense Type:  Burglary of a motor vehicle            

* Issued:  July 7, 2017

* Forwarded To:  All, Public Release

* Issued By:  Officer Clawson– Public Release Edit – CRO Edwards 

* Offense Date:  July 1, 2017

* Location:  4501 Evergreen  


     On 07/01/2017 at around 1620 hours, a Blue Ford Escape with paper license plates parked at Evergreen Pool.  The driver exited the vehicle and broke the window to a vehicle parked next to his, reached in, and removed items.  The driver is described as a Black male wearing a red shirt.  See the attached photo.

If you have information about this vehicle or the driver, call Bellaire Police at 713.668.0487