Block Parties

Block parties are a great opportunity for neighbors to meet and interact. They allow neighbors to gather together and enjoy themselves within their own neighborhood. Things may have changed in our neighborhoods over the years, but people still enjoy meeting their neighbors. Timing and location are crucial to the success of any neighborhood event. Follow through with the details to ensure success.

With a City of Bellaire Block Party Permit you may request a street closure, barricades and even a police car or fire truck appearance. 

All block party requests are handled in the following manner:

  1. Download a Block Party Permit or contact Community Relations at (713) 662-8286 at for a permit.    
  2. Complete the request form and petition to hold a block party in its entirety. This must be done at least 3 weeks before the date requested for the block party. 
  3. When the form is returned, it will be distributed to the Police, Fire and Public Works Departments for approval. 
  4. Once the block party permit has been approved, the Public Works Department will come to the location on the date specified for the party, or the Friday before a weekend party, and deliver the barricades to the address of the requestor. Barricades must be maintained and set out by the residents before the party and picked up once the party has concluded. 
  5. After the event, it is the obligation of the participants of the event to set the barricades to the side of the street for the Public Works Department to pick up the next day or the following Monday.

Please contact Community Relations for more information.