Welcome to Bellaire

Welcome to the city of Bellaire, Texas, a neighborly haven a stone’s throw from the heart of Houston. 

Founded in 1908, Bellaire has grown from  a twelve-family farm town into a verdant enclave  of shaded streets and beautiful homes, beloved for its small-town spirit and big-city proximity.

Our compact footprint––a neat span of 3.5 square miles––has remained essentially unchanged since the city’s incorporation, making Bellaire not only a place of friendly waves and familiar faces, but also a setting where families enjoy the kind of focused attention from their city that makes for meaningful participation and real peace of mind.

This is a place where if you drop by, speak up, reach out––you’ll be heard. Our chief of police will still answer your call himself.

This is a prairie whose settlers weathered hurricanes and highwater, freezes and drought. But who picked up and persisted and planted again, and now the streets are green and lush.

This is a dairy farm. A citrus grove. A general store. A trolley line. 

Where neighbors square danced on the streets after they were paved, and hung numbers on their doors for the first postman.

This is a block that traded recipes and baseball cards. That raised each other’s kids, and raised their flags, and raised their hats to returning veterans. 

That found the money for a city hall. A library. Another park. That found the time to plant flowers in the esplanades. This is a corner where the parade goes by. Where you’ll bump into the mayor, or the coach, or that new couple from the farmers market. 

Where you can be close to the action, but away from the hurry.

This is a backyard for fresh air and fireflies. For swing sets and cannonballs and college applications. For the sweet scent of jasmine and the rustle of oak trees. 

For one more story before bed.

Bellaire is the simple happiness of home. 

And while premier schools, safe streets, an easy commute, and sparkling residences may be the reasons people move to this city, its enduring sense of community is why they stay—for a network of neighbors who are warm and attentive, diverse and discerning. Who are ready to play and pause and indulge, together…who are committed to making the next century of Bellaire even brighter.

We work hard to care for every inch of Bellaire.

We’re delighted you found your way here. Welcome.