Police In-Service Training

Police In-Service Training

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) mandates all commissioned peace officers, communications officers, and jailers in the State of Texas complete a minimum number of training hours per 2-year training cycle in order to retain their credentials. The Bellaire Police Department is a contract training provider and offers select training classes throughout the year.

A list of required trainings due by 08/31/2023 is available at: https://www.tcole.texas.gov/content/training-requirements

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Karen Kramer


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Classes have a five-student minimum. If this minimum is not met classes will be canceled, registered students will be notified by email, and not charged.

For firearms practice or qualification, contact the department to ensure availability due to potential conflicts with inclement weather or staffing.

June 23, 2023 
Ivory Tower - Instructed by Capt. Tom Rizzo

Service Description

By reuniting with who we once were, acknowledging who we currently are, and by introducing ourselves with who we strive to become, we constructively achieve alignment between our personal and professional lives. This course focuses on an investment strategy of learning the various ways to be the best version of ourselves by enacting transformational behaviors, so that we can compound our efforts into getting the best version out of those we lead. Based upon various theories, this course offers a unique perspective shift compared to what traditional leadership training within our industry has provided in the past. This course incites a self-reflection on morale from multidimensional views; private individual, officer, leader.  A leader can and should assist their people in furthering their careers by properly utilizing performance management, discipline, and buy-in theories, but all too often are not trained in the art of their implementation. This course provides the student with an abundance of tools to use to hone their craft.  This course will focus on the significance of candidly addressing officer wellness and career enhancement/fulfillment with innovative techniques that serve the student regardless of rank. Students will be tasked with analyzing their own inner circles and how they can impact their effectiveness as leaders and human beings alike. The ability to receive/interpret/utilize constructive criticism has become rare amongst law enforcement leadership. If we form our circles with healthy components, we can extend our reach and effectiveness. The empathetic understanding of the current difficulties faced by officers must be seriously internalized by the leader if they are to be genuine in their efforts. This course helps students with this internalization, to be readily translated into action, therefore avoiding the tragic escalation into THE IVORY TOWER.  This ground breaking course is tailored to be beneficial for all ranks of an agency from Patrolman to Chief, both as an officer and a person. While offering the opportunity to reinvent the spirit, the content covered will have you engaged from beginning to end. Captain Thomas Rizzo is one of the profession’s most acclaimed speakers. He has been an inspirational presenter on leadership theories for several years at police academies, universities, symposiums, and most notably for the Command & Leadership Academy based upon the West Point Military Academy.

https://www.thomasrizzo.com/service-page/ivory-tower-bellaire-tx?referral=service_list_widget October 5, 2023 The Complete Female Cop - Instructed by Heather Glogolich The field of Law Enforcement is ever changing and so are the dynamics needed to support a well-rounded agency. Navigating a career in law enforcement is never easy. The additional issues that present themselves to women in law enforcement are as complex and diverse as the women who serve in these roles. This course will discuss gender-specific issues in policing including pregnancy, maternity leave, work-life balance, personal and professional relationship development, proactive policing tactics, victim-based policing, servant leadership, mindset, and self-growth. We can only control so much but all too often we give up control on how we approach situations and how we react to outside influences because of what we believe others’ perceptions are. The collateral damage results in the sacrifice of our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Regardless of your gender, rank, assignment, or level of experience, this course will provide you with the necessary tools in order to level up and excel at this profession as a police officer. https://www.streetcoptraining.com/event/the-complete-female-cop-11/#Description