Fire Station

On Dec 4, 2009 the City's Fire Station was torn down. You may remember that as the day it snowed. The tear down of the station continued on Monday December 7, 2009. On December 17, 2009 the City had the official groundbreaking for the New Fire Station. The Fire Station will be built in the same location. The photos in the slide show on the City's home page contain the official groundbreaking. If you have questions about the New Fire Station please email e-mail.

From Left to Right

  • Jeff Gerber – PGAL – Fire Station Architect
  • Darryl Anderson – Fire Chief
  • Phil Nauert – Councilmember
  • Mayor Siegel
  • Jim Avioli, Sr. – Councilmember
  • Alton Moses – Our one and only Assistant Chief

C- Shift
From Left to Right

  • Darryl Anderson – Fire Chief
  • Paul Landi
  • Carson Tucker
  • Mark Allen
  • Dante Ortiz
  • Dane Youngblood
  • Mike Eisemann
  • Alton Moses – Assistant Fire Chief

The black and white photo is the groundbreaking that took place for the original fire station in 1955.