Texas One Call Information

“One Call” Information Sheet

  • A new State Law requires that now you provide written verification of your request to have your underground utilities marked, therefore you must ask for a faxed confirmation letter that verifies your request call, contains the address of the site, the date you called and your ID #
    • This is what we need a copy of, when you turn in your Permit application
  • Call 48 hours (minimum) before you are ready to do any digging
  • They will notify:
    • Southwestern Bell Electric Company
    • Gas Company*
    • Time Warner Cable
*The Gas Company will mark any gas mains on public property, they will not mark your private gas lines and you will have to get a private locator to mark those (see information below)
  • They will not notify: Municipal Utilities - Water or Wastewater**

    **Bellaire Public Works will mark Water andamp; Wastewater lines located in the street if you are going to be digging in the street - They need 48 hours (minimum) notice before you are going to dig so call them at 713-662-8170 andamp; make the request.

    **For digging on the site, from the curb in towards the house, including the meter, the private water andamp; wastewater lines should be marked by a private entity - your plumber might be a good source.
  • Pre-Demo Gas identification will require that the private gas line be marked, so you will need to contact a private line locator. Here are the names and #’s of 3 from CenterPoint:
    • Accurate Underground Exposure 281-339-1148
    • Light Speed Locating 713-298-3445
    • Residential Locating 713-857-2556