Municipal Courts

Municipal Courts maintains the record keeping system used in the processing of traffic offenses and other Class C misdemeanors committed within the city limits and violations of city ordinances. This department is responsible for the disposition of cases and other activities of the City of Bellaire's Municipal Court system.

Court Processes

Court is held on 2 days each week which include the Tuesday morning jury trials, Tuesday night arraignment dockets, and on Wednesday trials before the judge. All appearances and actions taken by the judge are arranged by the court staff. Payments of fines and bonds are processed and the collections are balanced daily. Reports are sent to accounting for updating to the general ledger. Monthly reports are processed which include monthly Judicial and Conviction state reports. Deferred adjudication, defensive driving, trial by judge and trial by jury are documented and maintained. The municipal court unit works closely with the Police Department to coordinate operations.

For Self Help information you may refer to Texas Court Help website or Texas State Law Library.