S. Rice Avenue Crossing - Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

On May 16, 2011, Bellaire City Council approved the installation of a new type of traffic signal, called a pedestrian hybrid beacon, at the intersection of S. Rice Ave. and Bellaire Town Square (7008 S. Rice Ave.). This system will be the first of its kind in the City of Bellaire. The installation of this system is just about complete and ready for use.

With the development of the city’s Bellaire Town Square and the ongoing events that takcrosswalk signs.jpge place at the Civic Center located at 7008 S. Rice Ave. that the city identified a need through citizen input and staff recommendations to provide a means for pedestrians to safely cross S. Rice Ave. at this location.

The Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon will provide a signalized pedestrian crossing at the mid-block location of S. Rice Ave. in conjunction with a marked crosswalk.

While slightly different in appearance, this signal functions very similarly to a conventional pedestrian signal in that it stops traffic to allow pedestrians to cross safely. Red still means stop.

This system minimizes vehicle delay since it is only activated when a pedestrian is utilizing the crosswalk. This system is also energy efficient because the vehicle signal heads remain dark unless someone is crossing the street. A regular traffic control device was not justified based on engineering standards for installation of a conventional traffic signal.

How Does the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Work?
When the pedestrian presses the button, approaching drivers will see a flashing yellow fpedestrian crosswalk.pngor a few seconds indicating that they should reduce speed and be prepared to stop for a pedestrian in the crosswalk. This is followed by a solid yellow and then by a solid red requiring drivers to stop at the stop line. At this point, the pedestrian receives a walk indication on the associated countdown timer. At the end of the walk indication, the pedestrian is displayed a flashing don't walk indication and motorist sees an alternating flashing red. During this period, motorists are required to stop or remain stopped until pedestrians have finished crossing the street, and then may proceed.

If you wish to receive additional information or have questions please email or call 713-662-8223.