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NEW! We now offer microchipping during regular business hours (by appointment only).

Microchips are Hiptochip_clipped_rev_4-e1404868542203a permanent way to identify a pet and are vital in reuniting a lost pet with its family. Microchips can reunite families long after a collar or tag may fall off or be removed, sometimes reuniting missing pets years later and several states away!

Complete the Microchip Request Form to schedule your appointment at the Bellaire Police Department.  We strongly recommend you bathe your pet prior to your appointment, as bathing after microchip insertion can affect healing on the injection site. You may be asked to help restrain your pet while microchipping. 

  • Microchips cost  $20.00 per pet (cash only, exact change)
  • Available Monday- Friday 10 am -3 pm 
  • Appointments must be scheduled and confirmed. No walk-ups, please
  • Questions?