Animal Control

The city's Animal Control Division consists of one Animal Control Officer. It is department policy to manage animal control issues in a humane manner, balancing the needs of animals with the safety and welfare of the community.

Duties of the Animal Control Officer include:

  1. Random patrol of city of stray animals or animals at large. Detains same and attempts to reunite with owners if possible. Transports to pound if no owners found.
  2. Responds to animal complaints (menacing, bites, wild animal incursions). Takes appropriate action as needed.
  3. Care for animals detained in pound to include feeding, watering, exercising, and administering medicine or other treatments as needed.

Bellaire Pound

The Bellaire Pound is a facility for the short-term impoundment of dogs or cats found running at large. The pound houses animals for up to three days to allow animals to be reunited with their owners. If the animal is not redeemed after three days, the department works to place the animal with local shelter or rescue organizations so they may be put up for adoption. Though not a desired outcome, the department may euthanize animals for aggression and for untreatable and/or contagious illnesses based upon available treatment space with our partner organizations consistent with department and partner organization policy. 

Animal Emergencies

Animal emergencies are answered 24 hours a day.

  • Animal Bites
  • Injured Animals
  • Vicious Animals

Contact the Bellaire Police Department at 713.668.0487.

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