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Bellaire Arts & Crafts Festival 2021

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  4. The booth fee is $125 and is payable by cash or check only; payments by credit card are not accepted at this time. 

    Cash payments must be dropped off in person at Bellaire City Hall.

    Checks should be made payable to the City of Bellaire and may be hand delivered or mailed to:

    City of Bellaire

    attn: Culture & Arts Board

    7008 South Rice

    Bellaire, TX 77401


    A crafts vendor is a vendor that sells handmade items and artwork that have a unique design. Examples of acceptable crafts include homemade woodwork, jewelry, toys and quilt work.


    An art vendor is a vendor that sells unique art created by the individual in acceptable art media formats including pottery, photography, acrylic, watercolor, sculpture or dimensional art.

    Vendors are not allowed to sell beverages or food items that are intended for consumption at the event.



    City of Bellaire reserves the right to deny the sale of any particular item or service. In such instance, the vendor will be contracted to discuss alternatives. Exclusivity is not guaranteed; however, every effort will be made to prevent an overabundance of similar products or services being sold.


    Booth space will consist of a single space (10' x 10'). All artists are required to provide their own pop-up tents. Each single space booth is limited to 2 staff persons. The event is held outdoors. Booth location and space assignments to be determined by the City of Bellaire and the Culture and Arts Board and is non-transferable. Vendors will also have the opportunity to promote your company/business on-site with coupons, promotional materials and name-identified uniformed employees. Set up Saturday morning with breakdown on Saturday evening beginning at 5 p.m. Vendor packet to follow.


    Vendors are responsible for providing all operational equipment, including but not limited to: pop up tent, tables, chairs, canopies, etc.


    All decorations must be tasteful and reflect the theme of each individual space. Decorations in all tents shall be limited to combustible decorations on 10% of walls and ceilings unless treated with flame retardant criteria of MFPA 701.(IFC 2404.2) Decorations must be within boundaries of allotted booth space. The ground, pavement, walls, poles, etc. surrounding booth space must not be damaged in any way. If a vendor damages any event property, in any way (nails, staples, paint, etc.) vendor agrees to pay damages therein.


    Vendors agree that all marketing and promotional material will be distributed ONLY from assigned booth location. No member of the organization is to distribute information, verbal or printed, more than five (5) feet from the assigned booth space.

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