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Bellaire Arts and Crafts Festival 2023

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  3. You will be notified in early March if your application is accepted to participate in the festival.   Early Bird vendor booth fees are $100 and must be received by March 1st, 2023.  After March 1st the booth fees will increase to $125.   The booth fee is payable to City of Bellaire by cash or check and can be dropped off in person at Bellaire City Hall or mailed to:

    Bellaire City Hall

    ATTN: Culture and Arts Board

    7008 S Rice Ave

    Bellaire, TX 77401   

    This year you can also pay your booth fee by credit card.

    You are not considered registered to participate in the BACF show until payment has been made.


    A crafts vendor is a vendor that sells handmade items and artwork that have a unique design. Examples of acceptable crafts include homemade woodwork, jewelry, toys and quilt work.


    An art vendor is a vendor that sells unique art created by the individual in acceptable art media formats including pottery, photography, acrylic, watercolor, sculpture or dimensional art.

    Vendors are not allowed to sell beverages or food items that are intended for consumption at the event.

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