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Inspection Request

  1. Notice

    *The City of Bellaire wants to reassure you that our Team is operating “business as usual” and still focused on completing all inspections on your projects. We will still be responding to and scheduling the inspection request as normal; so continue to request inspections following the normal procedures. We will still need to follow Harris County and CDC recommendations, so we request that contractors do not attempt to meet inspectors on site in order to follow social distancing requirements. Please when scheduling inspections include a good contact number, lock box and security codes in order to help keep you and our inspectors safe from unnecessary contact and to gain access to the site. *

  2. We only schedule inspections for next business day. Cut off time for next day inspections is 4 PM. Inspections requested after 4 PM will scheduled for the following business day.

  3. Provide the number listed on your permit.

  4. Provide the property address number of the project.

  5. Provide the street name of the project.

  6. Enter the company name the permit was issued to.

  7. Provide the best number to contact pertaining to the requested inspection.

  8. Provide the best contact e-mail address to send inspection confirmation.

  9. i.e. gate code, location of plans, etc.

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