Resident Request Center

The Resident Request Center is no replacement for the face-to-face communication or phone calls, however we hope to provide you with another means to communicate non-emergency service requests with us so that we can continue to provide excellent customer service.

If you do not see the category for your concern(s) you can select “other” within anyone of the headings.

All requests are automatically routed to the appropriate city department to handle. Requests are prioritized based on the level of urgency relating to citizen health, safety and welfare. Requests are categorized as critical, urgent, normal or low. Supervisors ensure that all requests are fulfilled in a timely manner based on assigned priority level.

Some requests will require contacting an outside entity so the resolution of these requests will take longer.

Residents may create a username and password or submit requests anonymously. Residents that elect to create a username can log in later to check the status of their request, upload pertinent pictures or files, add comments and see the request’s priority level as well as the assigned staff member. Residents can also elect to receive status updates via their preferred contact method.

If you are unsure of where or how to report your issue, please visit the City’s FAQs page that may help answer your questions.