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1. How do I get a copy of a police accident report?
2. Does the city require I register my dog?
3. Is my dog in your pound?
4. I need my fingerprints taken, where do I go?
5. How to I obtain a concealed handgun permit?
6. How do I thank an Officer?
7. How do I obtain an alarm permit from the City of Bellaire?
8. How do I obtain a clearance letter to travel to another country?
9. What is the process for evicting a tenant?
10. How do I find out if a registered sex offender lives in my neighborhood?
11. How do I contact the Houston Police regarding an accident or incident that occurred in the City of Houston?
12. How do I report an abandoned vehicle located on a public street?
13. What is the fee for a copy of an accident report?
14. How do I get a copy of an accident report from the Houston Police Dept.?
15. Where is the City animal pound located?
16. Where is the City of Bellaire municipal court?
17. I have an unpaid traffic citation from the City of Bellaire court, whom do I contact?
18. Who do I contact regarding child safety seat installation?