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1. Where is the Utility Billing service window?
2. What are your hours of operation?
3. What is the phone number for a Utility Billing service representative?
4. Can I contact a Utility Billing service representative via email?
5. What are the requirements for starting new water, sewer, garbage and recycling service?
6. Can I have water service without garbage service?
7. If I am not living in my home and not using water or garbage services, can I have a refund?
8. I moved. Why am I still getting a bill?
9. When is my bill due?
10. Where can I pay?
11. What forms of payment do you accept?
12. Can I set up recurring payments?
13. Can I receive my bill via email?
14. Is my meter read every month?
15. How can I determine if I have a leak?
16. Does the City of Bellaire make any leak/pool filling adjustments?
17. Where can I purchase garbage bags?
18. Where can I purchase a recycling bin?
19. What are the City's water and sewer rates?
20. What is winter averaging?
21. I think I may have a leak. How can I tell?
22. Can I get more information about my smart water meter?