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1. What number do I call for an emergency?
2. How can I get Bellaire Fire Department at my block party?
3. Does Bellaire Fire Department still sell smoke detectors?
4. Does the City Of Bellaire allow open burning?
5. Does the Bellaire Fire Department fill swimming pools?
6. Where should a Fire Extinguisher be placed in the home?
7. What is carbon monoxide? Could I have this in my house and do I need a carbon monoxide detector?
8. What can I do about my child who is setting fires?
9. Are Fireworks legal to discharge in the City of Bellaire?
10. Is there away to make Fire Department access into my home possible in case I can’t come to the door?
11. My home has a sprinkler system. Are there things I should do to maintain the system?
12. Does the Bellaire Fire Department fill fire extinguishers?