Swim Lessons and Classes

Group Swim Lessons

Swim lessons held at Bellaire Town Square Family Aquatic Center.
Cost per session: $100 (Resident), $120 (Non-Resident)

Lessons take place Monday through Thursday. If the City has to cancel lessons for any reason, the make-up will be held the Friday of that week. 

Preschool Aquatics Prerequisites: No skill prerequisites. Children should be approximately 4 years old or older and able to swim without a parent in the water.

Learn-to-Swim PrerequisitesNo skill prerequisites. Participants' minimum age start is approximately 6 years. Most Learn-to-Swim participants are ranging from 6 years to 15 years old.

Note: To figure out what level to place your child in look at the exit skills assessment at the end of each level. If your child is able to perform the required exit skill assessment then register them for the next level. If they are not able to perform the exit skills they need to start at the level according to their skill.

Click here to register online or visit the Bellaire Recreation Center. Questions? Call - 713-662-8280

Swim Lessons Exit Skill Assessment