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1. When is a permit needed to do work or have work done at my property?
2. How much do permits cost?
3. Do you take credit cards for permits and registration?
4. Do I need a permit to repair or replace a fence?
5. Do I need a permit to replace windows and window frames?
6. Do I need a permit to paint my house?
7. Even if I do the work myself do I still need a permit?
8. Does my company need to have valid insurance before they can do any work in the City of Bellaire?
9. Can I get a permit application form online?
10. Can I get a registration form on the website?
11. Which building and trade codes does the City use?
12. Do I need a permit to have a garage sale?
13. Where can I find out what my setbacks are?
14. What is an elevation certificate or a FEMA certificate and where do I get one?
15. How can I find out what flood zone my property is located in and what does the designation mean?
16. My house was damaged and I would like to remodel. Can I do that if my HCAD appraisal records show my house is worth $100.00?
17. Is Bellaire zoned?
18. What does it mean to be zoned?
19. Are Deed Restrictions part of zoning?
20. If I have deed restrictions, where would I get a copy of them?
21. What is a plat?
22. What is an amended plat?
23. Under what circumstances would I want or need to amend my plat?
24. What is a replat?
25. When do I need a Certificate of Occupancy?
26. I just bought a new boat. Can I store it in the front of my house or in my driveway?
27. Who can I contact regarding tall grass and junked and/or abandoned property?
28. I own a lot in a residential section of Bellaire and I own a small business that needs an office. May I use the house and/or property as an office/business only?
29. Does the City have a Tree Ordinance?
30. I would like to install a sign at my business; do I need a permit?
31. We are a big event at our business location. Can we have an inflatable balloon on top of the building or in the parking lot to advertise?