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  1. ALL RENTALS HAVE A 3-HOUR MINIMUM WITH BOOKINGS IN 1-HOUR INCREMENTS FOR THE ENTIRE TIME THE BUILDING IS OCCUPIED. Please submit form to check availability. Rentals will not be confirmed until contract is signed and payment is made. Please call Grant Haynes 713-662-8282 for additional details.

  2. 3 Hour minimum (1 hour increments only)

  3. Is there an admission fee for this event?*

  4. How will this event be advertised?*

  5. Will alcohol be served?*

    No alcoholic beverages of any kind shall be sold, possessed, or consumed in the building or on the premises unless a person or organization has first obtained a special use permit from the City Manager or his designee.

  6. If serving Alcohol, the City of Bellaire may require you to provide security for your event. All security must be approved by Bellaire Police Department.

  7. Are you a Non - Profit Organization?*

    Must submit IRS Non-Profit Verification to receive any eligible discounts.

  8. Recreation Facility:

    Prices are for (Resident / Nonresident) PER HOUR. All facilities have a $100 / $200 refundable deposit (Resident / Nonresident).

  9. Civic Center and CenterPoint Energy Community Center:

    We are now accepting reservations for Civic Center events starting October 1, 2019. All facilities have a $500 / $750 refundable deposit (Resident / Nonresident).

  10. Will you need to use the stage?*

    This option is for those requesting the Civic Center Auditorium or Whole Complex.

  11. What AV equipment will you need?*

    See room descriptions for what is available in each room. Select all that apply.

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