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Pool Table Rental Request

  1. Table Rentals - Form Image 2023
  2. Table rentals are available June 3 - August 6 (2023)

    The last day for table rentals for the 2023 season is August 6.


    Rental Requests must be made 1 MONTH prior to the requested rental date. Payment must be made at least 2 WEEKS prior to the rental date. Renter is responsible for contacting the Recreation Center for payment. No Rentals on Holidays or Holiday Weekends.

    NOTE: This form DOES NOT confirm your rental. You will be contacted by email to confirm your reservation. 

    Please click here to view our table rental policies.

  3. Table Rental Pricing - 2 hr. table rental

    • BTSFAC: $50 Resident / $100 Non-Resident
    • Evergreen Pool: $40 Resident / $80 Non-Resident
  4. Pool Admission/Wristband Prices:

    • BTSFAC - $8 Resident / $16 Non-Resident
    • Evergreen - $5 Resident / $10 Non-Resident
  5. Facility Requested*
  6. Table Rentals are available for the following time blocks:

    June 3 - Augst 6 (2023)
    10:30am - 12:30pm (Saturdays only)

    Subject to change based on operating hours and modified closures

    The last day for table rentals for 2023 is August 6.

    • Additional time can be added in 2-hour increments following the time blocks above for an additional fee. Contact Amber Duarte at for more information.
    • Please check the Aquatics page for modified hours and closures
  7. For more information, please contact Amber Duarte at

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