Proposition 2 - New Municipal Buildings

Project Background

The New Municipal Buildings Project maintains the City's long-standing campus approach to civic buildings. The construction of the new city hall/civic center and police/municipal court facilities are included in this project.

In November 2013, Bellaire residents voted to support an $11.00 million General Obligation Bond to finance the design and construction of the new municipal buildings: city hall, civic center, police station, and municipal courts. Responding to continued input from Bellaire citizens, City Council adjusted the original site plan and reconfigured the location and compatibility of the buildings and services.

Basis for Project

The configuration of the new two-story facilities will improve Bellaire citizens' access to services while enhancing the overall appearance of the campus. The senior activities program will be provided new and improved facilities which will be available for numerous program offerings. Customers of Development Services and Utility Billing will conduct business in a new centralized area. The new facilities will include publicly accessible meeting rooms, including the City Council chambers and civic center. The new police station includes spaces for enhanced officer training, investigative capacity, evidence management, and many other components that will have a positive impact on the provision of police services. The municipal court facility will provide for orderly jury assembly, improved management of the prosecutorial process, and increased interaction regarding warrant files.

Proposed Budget

Total supplemental funding needed to complete this phase of the New Municipal Buildings Project is estimated to be approximately $5.60 million, of which $3.83 million is due to inflation, rising construction costs, and additional space requirements as a result of reconfiguring the building locations in response to public input. The other $1.77 million is necessary to cover the additional space and security needs of the police station. This supplemental funding will add to already approved funds to create a total project budget: 

$11,000,000 – authorized but unissued authority from November 2013

$1,560,000 – authorized but unissued authority from November 2005

$5,600,000 – proposed authority from November 2016

$18,160,000 – total project budget

Proposed Schedule

The construction design phase for the New Municipal Buildings Project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2016. Once permitting, bidding, and contract award is completed, construction will begin in early 2017. Construction is estimated to take 19 months with occupancy of both the city hall/civic center and the police/municipal court buildings slated for late 2018.