FY2023 Budget

The FY2023 Budget was adopted on September 19, 2022.

Below is some helpful information that details the process and provides links to staff presentations.

Mayor's Blog

FY2023 Adopted Budget and Tax Rate Information

FY2023 Proposed Budget Information

FY2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a short-range plan which identifies capital projects and equipment purchases, provides a planning schedule, and identifies options for financing the plan.  Although the CIP shows potential projects and funding for multiple years, only the FY 2023 amounts are appropriated in the adoption of the FY2023 budget. The remaining years shown in the CIP are for planning purposes and are subject to change.

FY2023 City Council Budget Questions

Below is a cumulative list of questions submitted to staff regarding the proposed budget. Questions may be submitted by email to FY2023Budget@bellairetx.gov.

FY2023 Budget Public Hearing

City Council held a Public Hearing on the Proposed Budget on Monday, August 15, 2022, in City Hall. Written comments may be submitted to the City Clerk before and after the public hearing.

FY2023 Proposed Budget Workshops

City Council scheduled the following FY2023 Budget Workshops to discuss these topics from proposed budget with City staff.

Budget Considerations

Budget considerations are requests brought forth by staff for Council consideration to be added to the base budget. These items are not currently inlcuded in the FY2023 Proposed Budget as presented and are will be considered in the final budget adoption process.

Department Service Plans

Strategic planning for departments is a continuous process. Working with City Management and other areas as needed, departments develop a service plan document that is designed to cover a three-year planning period. 

City Council Meeting and Workshop Videos