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  1. Park Rental Request Form


    Please submit a form to check availability. Rentals will not be confirmed until contract is signed and payment is made. Please contact Amber Duarte at for additional details.

    NOTE: This form DOES NOT confirm your rental. You will be contacted by email to confirm your reservation.  

    Reservation requests must be submitted a minimum of 1 MONTH in advance of the event date. All reservations are subject to availability.

    Reservation requests for public events must be submitted a minimum of 3 MONTHS in advance of the event date.

    View facility features and pricing.

    View a full list of our rental polices and procedures.

  3. Requesting to Rent Picnic Tables?

    To view the picnic tables available to rent, please view the map and indicate your preference in the Questions/Comments section.

  4. Please provide a detailed description of your event.

  5. Outdoor rentals cannot exceed the past park curfew of 11pm. Rentals must be 2 hours minimum. 

    NOTE: Reservation time must be inclusive of equipment drop-off, pick-up, set-up, and clean-up. Storage of supplies or deliveries outside of the reservation time is not permitted.

  6. Reservation requests for public events must be submitted a minimum of 3 months in advance of the event date. A special use permit must be obtained prior to the approval of public events.

  7. Please note, a Special Event Permit may be required based on the expected attendance number.

  8. Is there an admission fee for this event?*
  9. How will this event be advertised?*
  10. Are you a Non-Profit Organization?*
  11. Event Insurance Purchased?*

    If yes, must provide proof of insurance with City of Bellaire named as additional insured.

  12. Will tents be used?*

    If yes, must show proof of fire retardant requirements.

  13. Tents larger than a 10x10 pop-up may require additional permits.

  14. Will Inflatables or other structures be used?*

    If yes, must provide a Copy of insurance with City of Bellaire named as additional insured.

  15. Will you need electricity?*
  16. Electricity is available on the pavilion, but additional outlets are available from the light poles surrounding the lawn. Additional fees may apply.

  17. If no electricity is needed, please type "N/A"

  18. Will portable restrooms be provided? *
  19. Will alcohol be served?*

    Under certain conditions, alcohol may be served during a rental. A permit must be obtained.

    Special Event Permit & Alcohol Permit are required for events with alcohol.

  20. Will concessions be for sale?*
  21. i.e., Pre-packaged/Not pre-packaged, Cooked on-site, etc.

    If food will not be provided, please put N/A or none.

  22. (Who is selling, and where is the money going)

  23. Will signs or banners be used? *
  24. A permit is required for banners on the Bellaire Blvd. esplanade.

    Applicant, for and on behalf of himself/herself/itself, together with his/her/its successors, heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, partners, members, directors, officers, shareholders, employees, agents, servants, volunteers and any other persons, organizations, firms or corporations, jointly and severally, does hereby agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City of Bellaire, together with all of its former and present elected and appointed officials, legal representatives, employees, agents, servants, volunteers, successors and assigns and all affiliated persons and entities, (hereinafter collectively the City of Bellaire) of, from and against any and all liabilities of every kind, claims, causes of action, losses, judgments (including all expenses of litigation, cost and attorney’s fees), fines, demands, damages, loss of use or service or injuries to real and/or personal property and/or persons (including death), known and unknown, (collectively claims) asserted by any person or entity against the City of Bellaire whether at law or in equity, in contract or tort, under statutory or common law or pursuant to the Texas or United States constitutions(s), arising out of, touching upon or in any way relating to the issuance of the permit, the event and/or to the presence, malfunction, maintenance, addition or substitution of any property owned, leased, operated, or utilized by the City and/or any other person or entity in connection with the event even if the claim is the result of the actual alleged sole negligence of the City of Bellaire and any other person or entity, and/or the actual or alleged strict, statutory of constitutional liability of the City of Bellaire, as such, the foregoing indemnity is intended to indemnify the City of Bellaire against the consequence of its sole negligence or fault and against the consequence of the negligence or fault of the City of Bellaire occurring jointly or concurrently with negligence or fault of any person or entity and against the consequence of the strict, statutory, or constitutional liability of the City.
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