The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for developing and maintaining the Department’s General Directives and Standard Operating Procedures.  The office maintains the current training schedule as well as past training records for the entire department.  This office also assists the Patrol Division with patrol functions as necessary, assists in quality control of crash reporting, and handles several other administrative duties for the Department.

One of the most important duties of the Office of Professional Standards is its oversight and accountability function. The Bellaire Police Department is committed to providing professional, high-quality services to all persons and does not tolerate misconduct or wrongdoing on the part of its members. The Office of Professional Standards investigates incidents of alleged misconduct or violations of the department’s policies or procedures.

The Office of Professional Standards Division will NOT investigate any complaint regarding the validity of a traffic citation or appropriateness of any charges filed in connection with a police investigation. The appropriate venue to dispute tickets/charges is the court of record.

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    Karen Kramer

    Lieutenant - Office of Professional Standards