Helpful Information

City Ordinances

The City of Bellaire regulates the number and licensing of certain animals. Residents are not permitted to keep more than four dogs and/or cats over the age of four months at a residence within the city (Sec 6-36, Code of Ordinances). Additionally, all dogs over the age of four months must be licensed and registered annually. Applications for dog licenses are obtained from the police department during regular business hours. There is no fee for the license. Dogs are required to wear a collar and display their license. This will help lost animals find their way home.

Dogs and/or cats are not permitted at any city park or playground at any time with one exception: Lafayette Park is the only approved dog park in Bellaire. Except when inside Lafayette Park, all dogs at large in the city must be under control of the owner by a leash not more than ten feet in length.

Microchipping Pets

What is a microchip and how does it work?

  • A microchip is a non-removable form of identification about the size of a grain of rice that is inserted under the skin of your pet by injection in a safe and easy procedure.
  • The microchip contains a personal identification number that stays with your companion forever. The technology inside a microchip is the same as bar codes found on thousands of products we use every day. The microchip contains a series of numbers and letters that is unique to your animal’s record.
  • A microchip is not a GPS tracking device. The location of a lost animal cannot be tracked or determined from the microchip.
  • When a lost animal is found, he can be taken to a local pound, animal shelter, veterinary office, or animal control agency and examined with a hand-held scanner that reads the number specific to your animal. That unique code is connected to your name and contact information.
  • Once the microchip has been read, a phone call to the microchip manufacturer allows us to find out who the animal is registered to so we can begin the process of reuniting the lost pet with their family.
  • Most microchip manufacturers also maintain a national registration database with a telephone hotline. Contact the manufacturer for more information.

Why microchip my pet if she already wears a collar and tag?

Collars can fall off or break, tags can be lost or wear off so they are illegible. A combination of a microchip, properly fitting collar and current identification tag, and keeping your companion properly confined, are the best insurance policies you can provide to keep your animal friend safe. 

Where can I get a microchip for my pet?

Contact your local veterinary clinic for microchip services. You can also get a free microchip from the Houston Humane Society. Click on the link below for upcoming microchipping events: