Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Office works proactively to ensure proper observance of the City’s ordinances, state laws, and applicable codes as they pertain to illegal signage, high grass/weeds, junk/debris/trash, nuisances, inoperable vehicles, and illegal dumping. Additionally, the office oversees the City’s tree ordinance and permitting of signs. 

If you have a question or concern regarding any of the matters listed above, please contact the Code Compliance Officer, Linda Barbour. You can also report it online.

Substandard Housing


"It is the intent of the city council to grant to the building official as herein provided and the building and standards commission all authority concerning substandard buildings that is permitted or that is otherwise provided for under the laws of the state either in V.T.C.A., Local Government Code ch. 54 or ch. 214. In addition to other powers as may be granted to the building official and the building and standards commission in this Code, it is specifically provided and authorized that the building official under the procedures as provided for in this Code and the building and standards commission in discharge of its statutory duties, responsibilities and obligations shall have the power by ordinance to require the vacation, relocation of occupants, securing, repair, removal, or demolition of a building, structure, improvement, or portion thereof, if such building, structure, or portion thereof is:

(a) Dilapidated, substandard or unfit for human habitation and a hazard to the public health, safety and welfare;

(b) Regardless of its structural condition, is unoccupied by its owners, lessees, or other invitees and is unsecured from unauthorized entry to the extent that it could be entered or used by vagrants or other uninvited persons as a place of harborage or could be entered or used by children; or

(c) Boarded up, fenced or otherwise secured in any manner if:

(1) The building constitutes a danger to the public even though secured from entry; or

(2) The means used to secure the building are inadequate to prevent unauthorized entry or use of the building by unauthorized persons or as provided for by law."

Further information regarding substandard housing can be found within Chapter 9, Article III, Sec 9-81b of the City’s Code of Ordinances HERE.

Substandard Housing and Demolition Order Processes